Posted by: A.R. Cherian | October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs, a legacy of vision

Yesterday, Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc. passed away. I took the news with shock even though I knew he was gravely sick as of late. He was a man that I greatly admired in the tech world. Ever since I became interested in computers from the age of 13, I admired Steve Jobs as a great visionary, inventor, and leader. The world does not feel the same today.

I didn’t admire everything about him though, especially the stories of how he would sometimes harshly treat employees, curse, and belittle others. The man was a genius though when it came to business in his industry and business in general – and you have to respect that. There’s quite a few things that I admired and learned from Steve Jobs, but one of his greatest qualities, I think, was his tremendous sense of vision.

Steve had a keen sense of vision of where be wanted his company to go and what kind of products they should produce. I think that solid vision from the top-down is what drove Apple these past 14 years since his return.

From watching a lot of his keynote speeches, product introduction presentations, and interviews, I could clearly see that this man knew the direction that he wanted his company to go in and how his products would take the company in that direction. Steve also had that innate and hard-to-come-by skill of taking that vision and articulating it simply enough so that everyone could understand it.

I learned the importance of having a good vision and mission for any company in business school at Nevada. I saw the most concrete example of how a strong vision leads a company to success in Steve Jobs at Apple. The world has truly lost one of its greatest visionaries. Steve Jobs was a man who propelled technology – and the whole world – forward. He did it with a strong sense of vision, communicated powerfully and clearly. That’s something we can all learn from him and hope to emulate.

P.S. I enjoyed typing this post on an iPhone, one of Steve’s greatest inventions


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