Posted by: A.R. Cherian | September 11, 2009

Great Reno Balloon Race


I had a chance to head down to the Great Reno Balloon Races held every weekend after labor day here in Reno. It’s right next to campus and its free admission. A couple of the pictures I took are shown. This was my second time going and it was so beautiful to see all the balloon lift off right after dawn – over 100 in all. The balloons and pilots come from many different states. We never really had any major balloon races or shows in New York for a lot of reasons. Even if we did I bet it could never be as beautiful as this with the clear skies and mountains all around. I never saw a single balloon in person until last year here. It was a beautiful sight. This is one of the nice things about living out west that I have discovered. Below is a slideshow with all the pictures I took.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


  1. Very cool pictures!

  2. Thanks! You should go if you get a chance.

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