Posted by: A.R. Cherian | September 3, 2009

MBA Skills – How to Get Hired

A 2004 WSJ article lists some of the pet peeves of business recruiters. One of their pet peeves when interviewing candidates was poor writing and “7th grade level” spelling and grammar.

Writing a blog is new to me. It actually takes some work! I write and edit and then publish when I think it’s perfect, only to go back and discover spelling and grammar mistakes and other errors later on. I am not a great writer inherently, so I have to work on it. It’s a great learning experience to find out the proper spelling and grammar.

I believe that quality is a form of excellence. Quality takes work. That’s why I choose to go back and edit and correct those mistakes. That’s why I chose to properly embed links and use pictures wherever necessary. It’s why I choose to find other references and supporting evidence. It’s not required and I can just leave it as is and quickly go on my way to other assignments and posts, but the one distinguishing difference of submitting your responses via a blog as opposed to just handing it into your professor is this: now you will be graded by the whole world.

I had written in my previous post about how a blog can be seen by the whole world, including future employers. Therefore, it is important to strive for excellence. In addition to showing how well you write, it also offers a glimpse into your thoughts and reasoning behind important issues and current events.

Maybe in a future job interview if I am asked to show some samples of my writing, I can show them this blog. I believe spending more time on it now by correcting mistakes and constantly editing will pay off dividends later. I don’t want to put out “7th grade level” work. I may get an A in the course, but how will the world grade me?



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