Posted by: A.R. Cherian | September 3, 2009

MBA Business Skills

A WSJ article from 2004 mentioned that more and more recruiters are seeking MBA candidates with strong communication, leadership, and “soft skills.”

Leadership, communication, and the “soft-skills” are essential in today’s marketplace. I place a high value on those skills and would like those skills to be what I get most out of my MBA courses at UNR. In fact, those are some of the things that the world’s greatest leaders and business people are know for.

I think one more challenge is how to communicate in today’s global environment where cultures, languages, and business methods form significant challenges. I think it is ever more crucial that business schools prepare students to write well, communicate effectively verbally and non-verbally, and take the time to learn about other cultures where they will be doing business.

Whereas entire business schools can find ways to be innovative to teach their students about effective communication, I think professors too can  find new ways to develop this skill. I believe the requirement by Dr. Brett Simmons of writing our responses to the readings via this blog is an innovative way to teach us how to communicate our thoughts well in a written form on the web that can potentially be read by the entire world. I think it helps to raise the bar. Gone are the days of only the professor seeing your writeup on a case. Now anyone (even your future employer) can search and find your thoughts and gauge your writing skills if they choose to. I think that thought alone, will help me to strive for excellence in writing and posting these thoughts. It’s innovative way to use the available technology to develop a skill and it’s working.

Lastly, the talk about teaching leadership reminds me of that age-old debate: can you teach someone to become a leader or are they born as a leader? I’m still pondering that one.



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